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Institute of Electronic and Biomedical Information Technology

➤ communications engineering
➤ high frequency technology
➤ electromedical engineering
➤ basics of electrical engineering
➤ electronic and analog circuit technology
➤ computer vision and machine learning
➤ embedded systems and signal processing

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Institute of Electrical Energy Technology

➤ smart diagnostics and online monitoring
➤ basics of electrical engineering
➤ renewable energies
➤ power electronics and electrical actuator systems
➤ electrical energy supply and high voltage technology
➤ electrical machines and drives

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Institute of Energy, Building and Environmental Technology

➤ gas and heat grids
➤ power plant technology and energy economics
➤ thermodynamics
➤ environmental technology
➤ sanitary, installation and hygiene technology
➤ fluid flow engines and renewable energy
➤ smart energy systems

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Institute of Developmentoriented Mechanical Engineering

➤ design engineering
➤ machine parts and gear technology
➤ lightweight engineering with composites
➤ applied mechanics
➤ simulation of energetic and technical systems
➤ CAx-technology and product data management

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Institute of Measurement and Control Technology

➤ measurement and sensor technology
➤ control technology and system dynamics
➤ systemanalysis and mechatronics

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Institute of Process Automation and Embedded Systems

➤ industrial data communication
➤ embedded systems
➤ digital signal processing
➤ information processing

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Institute of Technology and Production in Mechanical Engineering

➤ development and production
➤ material technology
➤ industrial measurement and control technology
➤ mechatronics and control technology
➤ electrical engingeering in mechanical engineering
➤ production and logistics systems
➤ efficient and sustainable use of resources

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